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Production & Supplier

Yarco has the ability to produce forged parts with high precision. Of these, the raw car connecting rod is specially produced in Yarco. Due to the high accuracy of weight and dimensions as well as the mobility of the connecting rod in the car engine, the production of the connecting rod requires technology, special knowledge and strict standards. At present, connecting rod production is done as OEM in the circulation of 4 million pieces per year for Saipa and IranKhodro automobile companies in Yarco. The commitment in delivery time, along with the high quality and standard of production, has made this company one of the main suppliers of this product in Iran.

Design & Engineering

Yarco has a high experience in the field of designing and producing car connecting rods. In Yarco, the design process is done in the shortest time and is evaluated using production simulation. Due to this ability, Yarco can design and produce the product desired by the customer in a specialized way. The company also has a specialized molding unit that produces all the molds needed for the forging line. In Yarco, it takes a week from the moment of receiving the order to receiving the initial product.


In terms of quality, Yarco has an equipped laboratory for testing and evaluating manufactured products. In this context, it is possible to mention 100% crack detection of manufactured products. In addition, in the quality control section, all products are evaluated in terms of dimensions and weight according to the allowed tolerance. By using up-to-date equipment, Yarco is committed to the ever-increasing excellence of its system and products.
With the up-to-date Lab and the accurate QA process you can safely trust in YARCO.